About us

At the heart of The Healthy Jamaican Kitchen is the unique and energetic, larger than life personality of Paulina Deutsch

Jamaican heritage

Born in the UK to Jamaican parents, Paulina’s background is a rich tapestry of life experiences that range from acting and singing through therapy, numerology and fashion design. Her creativity is without question the force that drives her and has found expression in her passion for cooking and all things food…

Lean, nutritious diet

Paulina developed a keen interest in bodybuilding and weight training back in 2016 which resulted in a deep exploration of nutrition and diet. She soon discovered that one of the biggest issues with a bodybuilder diet is boredom, due to a lack of variety of interesting food types that deliver of flavour. This gave birth to a renewed interest in traditional Jamaican food, which features a great many ingredients that are ideal not just for bodybuilders but anyone interested in a healthy diet.

The Healthy Jamaican Kitchen is born!

Tasty recipes, complex carbs, high protein, low fat meats… Jamaican cookery and all ideal for calorie-controlled diets and high calorie inputs. It just made sense… and so The Healthy Jamaican Kitchen emerged as more and more customers requested this cuisine and came back for more! Traditional Jamaican cooking, however can include some ingredients that are not ideally suited for the health conscious. Palm oils and sugars in particular have been positively addressed in her recipes, whilst eliminating unhealthy additives that can be common in traditional dishes such as excessive salt and even MSG.

Our Street Food Truck

In 2017 plans were laid to fully deploy the street food truck as we started to explore local venues and events. Then in early 2018, we took over a local cafe/sandwich shop at Bond Estates, Mount Farm Bletchley. In November 2018 we refurbished our kitchen bringing it bang up to date to allow for the opening of The Healthy Jamaican Kitchen. Now this facility supports the food truck and we can offer select items from our menu at the location for pick up during open hours of 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Traditional techniques + family recipes = authentic Jamaican food at its best!

Paulina started cooking at her mother’s elbow at the age of 7… not that she had any other option, Jamaican mothers being notoriously strict! Press ganged into cooking the rice and peas, trained to deliver the family meal, no excuses – whilst mum was working… Traditional cooking techniques, recipes and personal touches were passed on and hard wired to this day. Paulina lost her mum in 2007 but can hear her voice every day in the kitchen, watching over her and making sure she gets it right.

Paulina has a small team working with her that is set to grow as the business expands and she is busy training everyone to cook and prepare these recipes to her exacting standards. In other words, she is turning into her mum!