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Prepped meals

Health, fitness and bodybuilder diet in Milton Keynes

bodybuilder dietWe know from our own weight training and bodybuilding interests just how difficult it is go get the nutrition side of things organised, stabilised and frankly this side of utterly boring… so we get very creative with our prepped meals, breakfast options and meal choices.

At our newly refurbished location, we cater for:

  • Bodybuilder Breakfast
  • Protein shake bar
  • Vegan and vegetarian options
  • Gluten free options
  • Prepped meals

Food prep is a daily challenge for anyone who is serious about diet.

bodybuilder diet

Food prep is the reality for most of us wanting to eat a specific diet, with carefully, calorie controlled portions and measured amounts of the various food groups we need to eat every day. Your body is the only thing you truly own… Its needs and requirements should be at the top of your list of priorities right?…

And that works just fine, as long as (on top of a daily exhausting gym/weights/exercise routine squeezed into a day full of work/family and other challenges):

  1. You can cook (!)
  2. You can cook well enough to create tasty and imaginative meals
  3. You have time to do the shopping/buy the containers/know which fresh food is best and where to get it
  4. You have time to do the cooking/measuring/packing into containers
  5. You don’t mind doing the washing up every day
  6. You don’t forget to do any or all of the above! (or frankly are just too tired to bother…)

Even if you are on top of your game and can food prep like a God of prepping, the day will come when you just haven’t got the time or energy for your fitness/bodybuilder diet and then it all suddenly goes a bit wrong… We have all been there, it is entirely normal and you shouldn’t despair if this happens.

We know what this feels like and you can order your daily meals directly from us and collect from the Healthy Jamaican Kitchen in Bletchley, Milton Keynes.

This means you no longer have to eat off plan if the prep has hit a wall for a day or so and/or, just leave it to us if you are time poor.

bodybuilder dietWe can make sure that you benefit from a wide variety of prepped food options.

Our menu options specifically for prepped meals include high protein, low fat meats such as lean goat meat, chicken and pork – all cooked in delicious and healthy sauces to ensure that you stay on target with your diet.

Eat how you want to BE… we just want to make it easier for you!



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